Press Release Style 指南: How to Write and 分享 a Press Release



The following press release best practices and tips are designed to help you focus on the priority news your company has to discuss, and the most worthwhile opportunities to get your news in front of your target audiences.

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Press releases must outline a strategic direction that resonates with your audiences. Before you decide to announce news in (or even begin writing) a press release, ask yourself this: can this information be disseminated another way? In other words, can this information be shared via social media? 营销邮件怎么样? 你能把它写进内部通讯吗?

想想你的声明有新闻价值. 你的初创公司刚刚结束了3000万美元的投资吗 轮融资? 这可能需要发布一份新闻稿, while your announcement about a new head of HR might be best for a newsletter.

同时也要保持新闻发布的稳定节奏, about once per month - and only if you have determined that you have legitimate news. 否则,你可以 publish an announcement through your other marketing channels 而不是通过网络发布新闻稿.



一旦你下定决心 应该 写一篇新闻稿,遵循这个风格指南.

Your release must answer two questions: “Why 应该 I read this now?和“那又怎样。?” Your release will be quickly dismissed without a strong industry news angle or market relevance.

Here’s how to structure your press release to convey the most important information quickly:

  • Paragraph one = the most important news item or release summary
  • Paragraph two = market validation and further company context
  • 第三段=支持市场洞察和验证
  • 第四段=第三方引用
  • 第5段=额外资源

A few questions to ask yourself while writing a press release are:

  • 这个版本是否扩展了贵公司的战略愿景?
  • How is this news unique or different from what others are doing?
  • 本新闻针对的是什么市场需要或需求?

大多数人 不要读过第二段 新闻稿的. So, 不仅要直奔主题, 满足读者的期望也是很关键的.

This varies depending on your news, industry and stage of development. For all companies, can you include a customer quote or reference in the news release for validation? 你是一家初创公司吗? It would be a good idea to include an investor’s perspective. For medtech and pharmaceutical companies, reporters always want a patient or trial participant.

Think about a reporter who will write a news story based on your press release and anticipate what they’ll need. More often than not, that’s some form of third-party validation.

写标题的时候用标题大小写. Use simple but effective (even bold) language and give yourself some options. Write at least five of the best headlines you can, then pick one.

Some once useful and accurate words and phrases have become so overused, 它们在今天几乎毫无意义. 以下名单是从记者中挑选出来的, 博主和其他阅读很多的人, many press releases and would rather not see any more uses of:

  • 获奖
  • 创新
  • 健壮的
  • 最佳
  • 创新者
  • 无缝的
  • 尖端
  • 领袖
  • 协同作用
  • 破坏
  • 领先的
  • 交钥匙
  • 改变
  • 关键任务
  • Uber for X
  • 巨大的
  • 新一代
  • 增值
  • 开创性的
  • 革命

考虑包括图像-例如你的标志, 一个屏幕截图, 一个头像, 产品示意图或市场规模图-与您的发布. Images will often help catch media’s attention and provides them with additional content 应该 they decide to share the news with their readers. You can also embed additional multimedia, such as video, in your release. Think about a short product demonstration or customer testimonial.

Do your research and make sure that you select keywords that will improve your search engine optimization, yet are still relevant and fit naturally in your press release. 这样的工具 谷歌AdWords HubSpot会帮助你进行研究 提供识别正确关键字的技巧. After you’ve done your keyword homework, don’t forget to be specific with your placement. Make sure they appear in the headline, subhead and in the body copy.  

格式问题. Use short paragraphs (no more than four lines for one sentence) and line breaks between paragraphs to make your release easier for the reader to digest quickly.

记得这样写 海明威. 他直白地表达了多层含义, staccato-like句子, 词汇简单,修饰少. 海明威的一句话, "He was dead and that was all” could certainly be gussied up, but it would detract from rather than add to the power of the words.

包括报价 in your press release, and make sure they can stand alone. 如果在你被释放之前就被分享的话, 他们会传达你的新闻中最重要的元素吗? Avoid statements like, “We are excited,” because it is naturally understood. 人们知道你很乐意发布新闻稿, so use the quote to focus on a strategic message or astute market observation.

Include links to your company’s priority and active social media channels, LinkedIn等, 推特, Facebook和YouTube. This encourages readers to follow you and stay up-to-date on company news.

In addition to placing links to your website in the contact section of your press release, place one to three appropriate links within the body of the release. These 应该 be anchor text links using relevant keywords that drive readers to site pages or resources beyond your homepage.



Now that you’ve written the perfect press release, make sure your target audiences see it.


When deciding where to distribute a press release, keep in mind that more is not always better. Take time to think about your target audience and who will be most interested in the news. 一旦确定, there are a variety of vendors available to assist with broad wire distribution, 例如商业电讯, 长成这样, PRWeb或Cision.

Choose your wire distribution vendor based on the media outlets you want to target, as well as whether or not you are sharing images or multimedia, 以及你能花多少钱. Each vendor will allow you to select the types of media you would like to receive your news. 你的新闻是针对某个州或地区的吗? 考虑将分销目标锁定在该位置. Is your news only going to be of interest to media that cover technology? 考虑针对特定行业进行分销. 

Beyond wire distribution, you want to distribute your news through your marketing channels. 这包括电子邮件到您的适用数据库, 发布到你的社交媒体档案, 一篇明升88文章, 网站横幅等等. Ensure you get to tell your story by personally contacting industry analysts and pitching key media contacts.


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