8 Questions with 伊兰Savir, head of Intango Adtech Accelerator


You know that magic that happens when you work with awesome people? 我们认为它是一切, and we love working with folks who bring that kind of chemistry into our days. 尽可能频繁地, we sit down with one of these execs to talk about startups, the future of their industries and whatever other topics pop up. 


伊兰Savir is an entrepreneur who has founded three companies and sold two. The owner of two patents with a record of launching disruptive products and large-scale SaaS solutions, Eran is now the head of Intango AdTech Accelerator. The Tel-Aviv-based organization offers technical and business mentorship, 接触客户和合作伙伴, 有机会在英坦戈的网络里做试点, 工作空间和更多的.

  1. 你为什么加入Intango?
    Intango is a privately held ad exchange company that’s been in business for more than a decade. It interested me as an entrepreneur for two reasons. 首先,Intango从未筹集过资金. 该公司在以色列约有100名员工, 洛杉矶和纽约, 它的发展完全是靠自己的努力. I wanted to understand that and learn how they built the company without raising a single dollar. That is a constant tension for startups: do you focus on making money first or create a minimally viable product, 然后筹集资金, 然后想办法成长? 投资者可以带来聪明的资金, but if you can find a way to grow and still retain ownership to determine where your company goes, 这是神奇的.

    The second thing that attracted to me to Intango is the adtech market. I’ve worked in several industries, but this one always seemed exciting, big and complicated. 我想从内部了解它.
  1. Is there a specific type of founder or company that benefits most from the accelerator experience?
    What I’m looking for are companies that were built to monetize. The most challenging part for a founder and an early-stage company is not building the technology. Startups don’t fail on tech; they often fail on business execution. 在企业加速器中, the best thing is to bring in a company with early-stage technology and a dedicated team that we can quickly help to find product-market fit. Given the right product, we can pour a lot of business on a very small company, very quickly.
  1. What do you see as the qualities inherent in successful founders?
    The most important quality is perseverance or persistence – the ability to just keep on going. 创业就像坐过山车一样. One day you’re on top and the other you’re on the bottom. 很多人会说你的想法很糟糕. The ability to go through that and continue is probably the most important quality of an entrepreneur. 作为一个父亲,我有三个孩子, 14岁, 13 and 8 – this is the most important thing I want them to learn. 如果你看看一个坚持不懈的企业家, 也很好奇, 他迟早会成功的. 
  1. What’s your favorite success story to come out of Intango?
    加速部分的业务是非常新的, 但在Intango的早期, the company made a business intelligence tool for marketers and advertisers that had its own great success story. Within six hours of launching this product, they had sold more than $1 million in software licenses. 24小时内就涨到了2美元.500万年. Their credit card company closed their account because they thought the spike was some kind of fraud. It was like a fairytale, and that became the funding they used to build the business.
  1. Fill in the blank: the most important thing emerging companies need to remember about adtech is…
    This industry is the backbone of the free internet. We are getting free internet because there are ads. 有些更好,有些更差,但是 广告技术仍然是一个推动者. This is what keeps the lights on for many companies that have multiple lines of business. 如果你看看谷歌,这是一家广告技术公司. Facebook is a network, but everything is around advertising. 亚马逊刚刚从亚马逊广告起步. 
  1. What’s unique about the startup scene in Tel Aviv?
    以色列和其他任何地方都不一样. 这是开公司的最佳地点之一. Tel Aviv, regardless of the startup scene, is very lively. The city is open 24/7, and that affects everything. People are very open for providing and getting feedback, and helping each other. If you go around the high-tech streets in Tel Aviv, you’ll see people sitting around with their laptops, 比如帕洛阿尔托的大学大道. The startup scene here is also becoming more mature. Ten years ago, every entrepreneur’s dream was to exit. Today it is to build a $1 billion company, and quite a few have already done that.
  1. With so many successes on your resume, what have you been most proud of?
    What I’m most proud of is my ability to recover from failure. It’s easy to enjoy success, but as an entrepreneur, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. The ability to keep going and not look back, is something I do well. 这是建造者的一个重要品质.
  1. 你最喜欢打破的规则是什么?
    如果你想推销某人, do business with someone or have someone come speak at your event, there is a certain protocol you’re supposed to follow. 在很多情况下,我都违反了这些规则. 32、如果我要去找一个人,我总能找到路.

    This is how I ended up pitching one of my previous startups to Richard Branson. He was the keynote speaker at an event in Tel Aviv. I found a way to get backstage while he was talking, 当他完成的时候, 我从后面靠近他说, “理查德?” I think he was surprised to hear someone call him by his first name. 我告诉他我的名字和我的创业公司, and then I handed him a yellow sticky note with my pitch on it. A few days later I heard from his personal assistant, who pointed me to another person to contact. You really can talk to anyone if you break some rules.

我想和厄兰谈谈? 找到他 推特. (不需要违反规则.)

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