How to implement a remote-working policy that works


我们的 远程工作和弹性工作的福利 是我最喜欢的. 做一个新妈妈(给巧克力色的拉布拉多犬), it is very easy for me to care for him properly while working from home. 我们可以在午餐时间散长步, have belly rubs on breaks 和 get extra treats throughout the day. 

不过说实在的, being able to take a workout class during the day, go for a quick run outside or meet a friend for lunch is life-changing 和 gives me the opportunity to recharge 和 focus, 这样我的工作效率就会更高.

As communications 和 technology professionals, the Metis team is always striving to be ahead of the curve. In 2014, the industry was trending in the way of remote work, 和 industry professionals were saying it was the wave of the future. Here we are now approaching 2018 和 it is becoming the way of the workforce. Cathy Atkins, one of our co-founders, has 从第一天起就一直很遥远 of Metis back in 2005 – 和 she’s proud of it.

So, in 2014, with the remote workforce up 和 coming 和 Metis striving to keep our team members happy, we came up with work-from-home Fridays as one of our perks. We also extended the benefit for our upper management, requiring only that they come into the office two days a week. 我们的 flexible work model enabled employees in our company with children to be more present as parents, 同时还要全天工作. It allowed people who were traveling on long weekends to leave Thursday night 和 work wherever they wanted (with, 当然, some restrictions for security purposes). 

Fast forward to 2016, 和 we conducted an experiment. We wanted to see if our team could walk the walk before we talked the talk. 我们称之为Q4远程实验. (创意,我知道.) With advances in cloud services 和 video conferencing technologies, 和 the trust the team had gained working from home on Fridays, 我们给团队 the option to telecommute 100 percent of the time, if they felt that option was better for their productivity 和 their lifestyle.  

2016年10月至2016年12月, we told our team to work outside of the office whenever they wanted 和 also gave them the option of flextime. Flextime gave our team the ability to take up to two hours off in a day to run a personal err和, 去看医生, 接小孩, 或者做点别的, without it deducting from their bank of paid time off. As long as everyone gave their teams the heads up 和 their work was covered, they were welcome to come 和 go as they pleased. 

How to write remote work policies that work for everyone

In order to run an effective experiment, 我们设置一些参数, which are helpful reminders for any company planning to implement remote work:  

  1. 安全问题: Create a data 和 document management policy. We created one to protect the integrity 和 security of our data 和 infrastructure, as well as maintain total data confidentiality on behalf of our clients.

  2. 时间就是金钱,伙计们: Should team members be out of the office more than two hours, deduct time out of their PTO banks.

  3. 采取团队优先的方法: Advise team members to check in with each other 和 make sure things are covered when someone is out. Flexibility should not mean the group picks up the work of the individual.

  4. 没有惊喜: Advise team members not to ask colleagues to cover calls for them when they are on the quiet car on the train, stuck in transit or otherwise ill-prepared. Remote status should not affect reliability.

  5. Make smart decisions about where you work: Consistent, solid mobile 和 internet service is a MUST. If things are wonky on the team member’s end, ask them to change their service or workspace. They need to be able to talk safely 和 securely in whatever location they’re working. 

  6. 离线是庄严的: If a team member is offline, they are off. They should just note it in their calendar that they are unavailable.

  7. 视频杀了电话明星: Make video chat m和atory if a team member is talking with others who are not in the same room. Tuning in via Skype video, for example, can help retain personal connections 和 curb isolation.

  8. Appoint a person to answer questions that might come up: Identify a go-to person who can answer questions about the 豪视安科公司, 令人费解的问题等到 surrounding remote 和 flextime policies.

  9. 倒楣的事情发生了: Emergencies 和 crises happen, but are rare occurrences. Let team members know that you expect they be available during flextime or outside of work hours when the company has an URGENT need. 

Q4 came 和 went, 和 we implemented remote work 和 flextime as a full-time employee perk. Not only did this help with team member’s work/life balance, but this also allowed us to 为人才撒下更大的网, reaching prospective employees who may live across the country rather than commuting distance of our Boston headquarters.

Giving our team members the opportunity to choose where 和 when they work empowers them to be more productive, more engaged 和 more balanced in every aspect of their lives, 我们为此感到自豪.


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