PR, Lead-Gen Pays Off for High-Tech Startups

November 8, 2021

随着谷歌广告政策的变化以及Facebook和Instagram的变化, public relations, or PR, could be the new key to lead generation. 因为赞助内容会受到算法的限制,  your potential clients are more likely to engage with your PR pieces, before they get served your sponsored content. Does this mean that PR can actually generate leads? This is a controversial approach in many organizations, especially service-based industries like tech; why spend time on PR and earned media when you can engage your audience directly with targeted ads? People don’t engage with PR around tech startups, right? 许多企业都犯了这个错误,以为他们不需要专注于公关策略. But, could PR be the new secret to leads? 

In our experience, PR can drive lead generation. 当你在规划你的公关战略时,我们有一些建议,以及将公关和你的领导一代战略相结合的想法. 让我们告诉你,公关与市场营销策略一样,对公司的成功至关重要. 

Can PR Drive Lead Generation for a Tech Startup?

In one word? Yes. 

PR, or public relations, is equivalent to earned media. 免费媒体是指在媒体渠道或社交媒体渠道中,你无需付费或赞助, but earned the placement. Earned media is a key to boosting your SEO as a company, 通过链接回到你的科技创业公司,获得有价值的可见性和领导地位. 

多项研究表明,与广告相比,人们更信任非赞助媒体. 他们认为这是一种更可信的交流形式,因为你没有购买宣传. 公关可以成为为企业活动带来凝聚力的新支柱——尤其是在大流行之后, where money is tight for many. PR is earned, not paid. It can save you money while still reaching your prospective clients

公关还可以提高普通受众的意识,这可能会导致后来的领先. With PR, you’re reaching a wider audience than targeted ads allow for. This audience may comprise your primary segment, but may also include prospects that you hadn’t considered before. By offering general audience interpretations of your brand, you drive awareness across a larger group of people. 

PR can also build awareness by: 

  • Capturing the attention of readers/viewers 
  • Educating potential buyers/audience
  • 为你的目标受众提供必要的公司信息, service, and/or product
  • Targeting your audience where they make purchasing decisions, find news, and/or look for advice to navigate challenges in your industry

In general, PR can be an incredibly powerful tool in lead generation. 人们更有可能接触他们信任的信息,并提供他们需要的解决方案/信息. However, 当你在营销活动中加入PR时,需要注意一些注意事项. 

Recommendations for PR & Lead Generation Campaigns

Yes, PR can be a powerful and lucrative tool -- if done well. When done effectively, 公关与内容营销策略相结合,以获得最大的无偿媒体. 在计划你的市场营销和PR活动时,请考虑我们的建议, or while incorporating PR into your business strategy. 

  1. Implement data-driven campaigns

    Data is a marketer’s -- and PR specialist’s -- best friend! Plan how you will collect/use data from your earned media. Will you examine comments, shares, or post engagements? Website analytics through interlinking? Then, 使用这些数据来解决你在潜在客户中看到的一些最常见的问题/关注点. 这将向客户表明你在倾听他们的需求并考虑他们的观点. 

  2. Tell good stories

    The key to being featured is to tell a good story. Earned media is a process, 包括联系相关出版物的作者和记者. By telling a good story, you can engage your audience and encourage more trust in your brand. 这可以引起潜在客户的注意,甚至让你自己成为一个思想领袖. Thought leaders are a very valuable position, as they offer more credibility and authority in your industry. 

  3. Make your story easy to embrace, understand, and share 

    After you’ve crafted a good story, it must connect with your audience. Include links, videos, and images to tell your story! Studies have shown that multimedia coverage can attract attention 3-5 times more than traditional releases. 确保你的听众能够理解你想要传达的信息,并使其易于消化和分享. The more shareability a piece has, the more coverage you can get! 

  4. Use CTAs

    cta,或行动号召,在鼓励读者采取行动方面非常有帮助. 引导读者/浏览者回到你的登陆页或网站上的其他内容. This helps pull in more information and data; offers opportunities to collect contact information, and track analytics/sources people are coming from. cta可以鼓励你的读者在阅读/观看你的故事后采取进一步的行动. 

通过考虑所有这些信息并将这些建议付诸实践, you’re more likely to find success with your PR strategy. You’ll be able to integrate PR into your existing campaigns and attract other potential leads! 

Ideas for Combining PR & Lead Generation 

There are a variety of ways you can combine PR and lead generation. You don’t need to be stuck in just one form of media! 根据您的目标受众,您可以通过多种方式建立内容. Some ideas are:

  • Editorial outreach
    • Editorial outreach refers to a feature in a magazine, newspaper, on television, or the radio. 这种类型的内容直接导致更多的呼叫,兴趣和增加的网络流量. 这些公关能为你的企业提供更可靠的第三方代言. 用这些来建立信誉、信任、权威,甚至给自己贴标签 thought leader.
  • Press releases
    • Press releases are documents directly from your organization, shared with different publications or channels. 这是一种相对廉价的方式来提高媒体曝光率,同时通过不同的媒体渠道直接接触你的受众. 新闻稿还可以帮助你的公司在搜索引擎(SEO)中出现更多,并可以提高你的搜索排名. Just be careful not to overuse press releases. 
  • Events
    • Participate in, or sponsor, an event. You can be a brand sponsor, display company signage, have a table at the event, run a workshop, and more. 这些活动提供了分发材料或展示产品/服务的机会, 将你的品牌与活动联系起来,甚至与潜在的领导者进行沟通. 
  • Long-form content
    • Long-form content, 或与外部出版物或在您的明升88上共享的更长的内容, are key to a successful PR strategy. 这是一个很好的工具,可以展示你的专业知识和行业知识,同时在你的目标市场建立组织信誉. 这些形式各异,从明升88、文章、时事通讯到网络研讨会, case studies, or speeches. 如果做得正确,它可以显示你理解客户的观点和他们的痛点. Be sure to include lots of keywords, links back to your website/other content, and optimize the content for search engines. 
  • Guest blogging
    • Guest blogging is not to be underestimated! 这包括与另一家公司合作,为他们写一个明升88(介绍你的公司)或解决你所在行业的问题/挑战. We recommend discussing industry perspectives about issues, challenges, or trends your company is seeing. 客座明升88可以让你成为该领域的专家/思想领袖. 它可以增加可信度、曝光率,甚至是一些社交机会! 
  • Product reviews
    • 这种类型的公关有外部出版物或专家审查你的产品/服务. You can arrange product demonstrations in advance of release, or offer exclusive details to publications focused on your industry. 这些都是被严重低估的——当你可以的时候不要忘记利用它们! 

对于b2b科技公司来说,公关是一种经常被忽视和低估的领导形式. 遵循我们的建议,并将我们的想法整合到您的公关策略中, you’ll find a new avenue to success. Looking to introduce a PR strategy into your marketing? Metis is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about PR strategies, integrating campaigns, and more. 


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