Startup Saturday: AI comes to recruiting, and the perks tech professionals want most

March 17, 2018

It used to be that dog-friendly offices and unlimited snacks were the premier perks the tech workforce wanted. No more. Remote work is moving into the top spot. Check out Built In Boston’s recent article, “Want to work from home? At these 5 tech companies, you can.”

Interested in more technology and startup news in Boston? Here’s what else you need to know this week:

Boston Business Journal: MIT-born startup wants to upload your brain, but the process will kill you

The MIT-born startup, Nectome Inc., has a mission to preserve your brain and keep all your memories intact to recreate your consciousness in the future. But it comes with a cost – the technology used to preserve your brain will also kill you. The company has a waitlist, which requires a $10,000 deposit.

BostInno: ICYMI: The Prudential Center Is Equipped With a Short-Story Dispenser

Have you been to the Prudential Center lately? Well, now you have an excuse to stop by. Short Edition, a French publishing startup, created a machine that dispenses short stories. Word on the street is it’s been in the Pru for a few months, but now it’s in a more visible and accessible location. 

VentureFizz: How Carbon Black Empowers Its Women

Boston-based startup, Carbon Black, believes in diversity and inclusion, which is why they started a women-focused group within the company. Carbon Black has a forum for employees to discuss topics that are specifically related to women and offered opportunities for learning and development for female employees.

The Boston Globe: Boston startup is using artificial intelligence to connect job hunters with recruiters

Scout Exchange is hoping to revolutionize the global recruiting industry by using artificial intelligence to connect employers to recruiters who have experience in hiring people in a particular industry. Unlike other platforms, Scout Exchange keeps the recruiter at the center of the process rather than directly connecting hiring managers and candidates. 

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