4 PR Tips for Startups to Ensure A Strong Campaign Finish


When we think of “the last mile” it’s usually in reference to that short, final leg of distance that must be covered to reach or bring something to a destination. The phrase comes out of telecom - used to describe the costly and complex delivery of cables from a provider's trunk to a customer’s home - but since has been applied to industries like transportation and for such purposes as supply chain management. 市场营销 有自己的最后一英里吗, 太, particularly when it comes to startup public relations (PR) and launching and promoting tech products and services.

从理论上讲, 在无数个小时的计划之后, 演讲, 制定营销信息, 产品开发等, the elements of a startup pr campaign should snap together easily with minor tweaks, 然后你就准备好进入黄金时间了. Unfortunately, plans can be derailed during a period when timing is especially important. 个月, 即使多年的准备也可能付诸东流, reducing a hope for big splash to lackluster results that barely create a ripple. 

Here are a few ways that can happen and what internal communication heads can do to prevent it. 


假设你正在准备一份新闻稿, as well as supporting materials like media and analyst presentation decks, and suddenly messaging that’s long been nailed down is being reworked by various people. 这往往是由于太多的人审查 市场营销信息 太迟了. 这会导致延迟, water down impact and even introduce errors to information that’s already been painstakingly vetted.

来减少这种情况发生的可能性, communications leaders should get buy in from all stakeholders as early as possible. 然而,在最后阶段,比如 新闻稿, the internal review process should be limited to a select few people, 具体地说, 首席技术官或产品专家, 首席执行官和法律团队. 这三点确保了产品的正确定位, properly aligned with business strategy and all information is accurate. 

Problems are compounded when any of these three is seeing new messaging in action for the first time. 因为当变革从上而下时, the impact on the process snowballs and can cause serious delays. 


Abraham Lincoln coined the phrase, “Don't swap horses in the middle of the stream.” Wise advice because switching your position part-way through a startup pr campaign can cause you to lose control of the reigns, take you off strategy and wash away all the due diligence that’s already been conducted. So, be sure that if you’re making a significant change in position or messaging that it’s really warranted. 

If you’re introducing an industry-first product capability, or have any other justifiable leadership position to take, don’t shy away - claim it as long as you can make a defensible case. 更重要的是, 如果在最后一英里的时候事情变得有点棘手, it can be tempting to revert back to what you’ve already done, but remember that you’re trying to advance – so persevere.  

进一步, 当涉及到法律, you don’t want a 新闻稿 (or other material) to read like a disclaimer. 你需要律师来保护你, 不拖住你, and the best legal teams know what a company is up against when it comes to marketing. Make sure what you are putting out there is readable, accurate and interesting.


在最后一英里, 你最终可能会出现在技术分析师面前, particularly if you’re doing some type of major product announcement. 这样做有很多原因. Analysts produce reports on specific topics you’ll want to be a part of – they also make recommendations to clients who are buying technology. 

For something like a 新闻稿, there are two additional benefits to meeting with analysts. 首先,您可以根据他们的输入微调副本. 第二个, you may be able to secure a quote from them that can build third-party credibility - they might even field media calls - though being a paying customer is often required. 

另一种添加支持的方法是 涉及到一个客户. 再一次, they should be approached early - the quote finalized as soon as possible and their participation as a press reference assured - so that there’s no last minute surprises. 如果他们是新产品的测试用户, make sure their experience has been good; you don’t want to learn otherwise during a call with a reporter. 

然而,也存在着支持过多的问题. Ideally, for major product news, you want a 新闻稿 to have no more than three quotes. This should include one each from a top company official, 分析师或行业影响者和客户. Some companies with an abundance of big name supporters will sometimes tack on a list of short testimonials after the end of a 新闻稿 for something like a full point product upgrade. 而是在新闻稿的正文中, avoid 太 many quotes or you could end up burying important details and messaging. 


毫无疑问, changes will always need to be made and unforeseen problems will arise, and communications heads need to be flexible and ready to react. 尽管如此,最好的产品消息还是在很早之前就被构思好了. This ensures you have a foundation that allows time for adjusting messaging and strengthening outreach. 

Keep in mind that when the final mile becomes a crazed sprint, you’re then being controlled by the process and not vice versa. You and your company have done its due diligence and you’re prepared – now is the time to take your startup PR campaign across the finish line. 

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